esports WRC
Rally Poland | 29 June - 02 July Highlights



Welcome back for the 8th round of eSports WRC powered by Hyundai on the gravel and tarmac of Poland, one of the world’s oldest rallies.

For this event, a loop of 4 stages and 2 stops at the service Park are waiting for the players.

Once again, The PS4 player Nexl is at the first place with a record of 10: 58,855 followed by Speedbooster with a 00:03,978 sec lap. Sounds like Nexl is not prepare to leave his place to another player!

Jonno reached the 3rd place a bit late this round with an overall time of 11:06,838. This is not the time to give up for Jonno or he would lose the second place of the leaderboard!

Finally, this is the comeback of Hesto at the 4th place with an overall time of 11:09,292, a good performance but he needs to keep his effort to have a chance to reach the 3rd place.

A podium surprisingly similar to the previous that confirm furthermore the state of the leaderboard with at the top the unassailable Nexl with a total of 159 points. Closely followed by Jonno with 142 points and Speedbooster with 137 points. Tensions run high between our 3 players but everything can be changed, remember that only the ten best results will be taken into account then hold on and good luck for the next round!

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