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Rally Argentina | 26 April - 29 April Highlights


Now that we have the Rally Argentina results, let's have a look at how they affect the rankings mid-season.

It can be said that the Argentine challenge is an excellent representation of what's happened in the competition so far, because on the podium we find the top three from the general rankings, in the same order:

- in third position, with a time of 10:44.663, we find "Jon Armstrong" (IRL), the competition's professional driver who now has 109 points in the general rankings.

- in second place, with a time of 10:43.016, the official champion "Nexl" (FRA), who now has 128 points.

- and for a third victory this season, at the top of the podium is "Subee203" (HUN), who won this rally with a time of 10:41.854 and now has 144 points in the general rankings.

The other participants with a provisional ticket for this year's Grand Finale are: in 4th place, "Jonno" (GBR) with 96 points, 5th "GTKryspaPL" (POL) with 68 points, 6th "Mihalur" with 68 points, 7th "SpeedBooster27" (GER) with 67 points, and 8th "Greekman" (GRC) with 66 points. But with 5 other racers less than 10 points behind, everything can still change, and each step of the competition could decide the future for these racers.

For the team competition, the current rankings are as follows:

- 3rd (139 points) "ESPORTS+CAR", represented by "Jonno", "hesto", "_Monkeyman", and "_ralphy".

- 2nd (202 points) "Virtualdrivers by TX3", represented by "Nexl", "Rares", "GTKryspaPL", "SpeedBooster27", and "Scalap Fox"

- 1st (235 points) "WRC EDRIVERS CLUB", represented by "Subee203", "Jon Armstrong", "Komatsu", and "Greekman".

The racers will meet again soon in the muddy Wales Rally GB from May 3rd to the 6th.

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