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Rally Italia Sardegna | 08 June - 11 June Highlights



For this rally also known as the rally of the flowers, players have 4 stages to run with just one stop to the service Park from Grighine Nord to Olmedo Monte Baranta under a blue sky and on a dusty road.

For this event, TX3_NEXL took his revenge and reached the first position with an overall time of 11: 12,000, an incredible performance. This is the comeback of SpeedBooster27, that reached the second place with an only 0: 00,558 sec gap with the first place! Xnel should be worried for the next round.

It’s a little Down phase for the PC player Jonno, that reached the 3rd position, but it’s still a very good performance with an overall time of 11: 13,252.

This is such an exciting competition with at the top of the leaderboard, our 4 players determined to win the first price of this championship: at the first place Nexl with 134points, followed by Jonno with a total of 127 points, SpeedBoster27 with 119 points and Hesto with 102 points. There are 6 rounds left before the end, this is now or never for the other players to show us what they can do and give the best of themselves!

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