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Rally Monte-Carlo | 19 January - 22 January Highlights



eSports WRC is back for a second season and starts with the legendary Rally Monte Carlo.

In 2017, endurance will make all the difference and this first round is the perfect example for it! This season will feature 5 iconic rally roads and Hesto, from Germany, is already leading the event. As a qualifier of the 2016 finals and already finishing 5th, Hesto is showing impressive skills from behind his PC.
But he is not the only one from top 2016 virtual drivers to battle it out in WRC 6, enter fellow countryman: Speedbooster27. After the end of the first season, Nexl, the young French virtual driver, joined the team TX3, and thanks to a great final in Wales in 2016, finished 4th. Still playing, on PS4, for this new season, Nexl dominated the PS4 rankings by 15 seconds and, by using all of his self-control and hours of training, reached the 2nd position of the event.

eSports WRC also sees a lot of newcomers, all with the hope of becoming the next eSports WRC Champion. From the UK, and playing on PC, is expert Jonno who reached the 4th position of the event. But we can’t forget his fellow Brit and Xbox One player, Daveyskills, well known from the racing game community for his results in major virtual racing competitions and has entered this new championship to seize an honourable 5th position in this first round.

At the end of this first round of the competition, Hesto took the lead of the Championship with a time of 17:14.038, followed by Nexl, only 1.142 seconds behind, and Speedbooster just 6.345 seconds behind. Such a miniscule difference which already sounds exciting for the upcoming events and makes it all to play for in the rest of the competition!

Let's get training for the next round which will take place on the icy and slippery roads of Sweden from 09/02 to 12/02/2017!

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