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Rally Sweden | 15 February - 18 February Highlights


Before distinguishing himself this weekend in the Swedish leg of the WRC eSports Championship, Jon Armstrong was a real rally driver who in recent years participated in the World Rally Championship in the WRC 2 category. Thanks to the realism of WRC 7, he was able to get into the rhythm of the race and win the Swedish challenge to take the lead in the WRC eSports Championship! Participating in this virtual competition for the first time this year, he beat out TX3 Nexl, the official world champion, as well as CAR Jonno (second in 2017).  After two exceptional seasons with Nexl and a few other regulars, this year the competition is attracting new talents intent on unseating them, most notably racers from real-world, professional racing like Jon Armstrong.

The Swedish challenge also saw the launch of the team championship, with six preselected teams made up of experienced racers renowned throughout the world of racing simulation.

With great results from WED Jon Armstrong, WED Subee203, and WED Greekman, Team WED, powered by Thrustmaster, has taken the lead in the team championship ahead of VIRTUALDRIVERS BY TX3 and ESPORTS+CARS.

WRC eSports will recommence on March 8th with the Mexico Rally, the season's first dirt rally, which is already shaping up to be an interesting battle for racer and team rankings.

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