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Tour de Corse Rally de France | 06 April - 09 April Highlights



After a third step in Mexico, players are now back to Europe for the 4th event of the season, on the tight and winding roads of Corsica!

For this rally also known as the 10,000 corners Rally, 4 stages to run on tarmac, and 2 stops on the Service Park are waiting for the players.

For this 4th rally of the season, Jonno performed really well with an overall time of 13:43.2, bringing with him his first eSports victory!

But still playing hard on his PC, Speedbooster27 reached the second position of this event with a 4.6s difference ahead of Hesto and Nexl. This second place offers him the chance to overtake Nexl on the overall ranking, leading the championship for the first time.

What a great start for the 2nd season of the championship with 4 different winners for the 4 first events just like in its real counterpart! Nothing can’t be more exciting for the upcoming rallies!

Recently announced by Hyundai and Bigben, the competition becomes now the eSports WRC powered by Hyundai, who will offer an incredible prize for the winner of the season as he will be back home from the final with a Hyundai i20, worth 20,000€!

At the end of this third round, Speedbooster27 now leads the Championship (76pts), but only with 3pts ahead of Nexl who will try to take the lead back in Argentina, the next gravel event, from April 27th to 30th. Or can we imagine a new leader after this rally like Hesto or Jonno? Just wait and see but more important: keep training on WRC 6!

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