esports WRC
Rally de Portugal | 18 May - 21 May Highlights



Welcome back to the sixth round of eSports WRC under the blue sky of Portugal !

For this Rallye awarded five times as « the best Rallye in the world », a loop circuit of 4 stages to run on the gravel, and 2 stops on the Service Park are waiting for the players.

Score was all tied up for this round with once again Jonno at the first place for his third victory in a row with an incredible 11:18,899 followed very closely by TX3_Nexl with an only 00:00.927sec gap! This victory permitted Jonno to reach the first place on the podium with 112 points!  The best PS4 player TX3_Nexl then, goes down to the second place with 109 points.

At the third place of this round, we find Hesto that still playing well behind his PC, but we all know that he can do better as he showed us at the first round in Monte Carlo.

Greekman offered us for this round his best run of this event with 11:25.840 and reach the fourth place but is still quite far away from the podium with 42 points and will have to keep training to reach it!

Finally, the hope of this event, SUBEE, that continue to progress round after round, reached the fifth place of this rally, let’s keep an eye on him!

No sign of Speedbooster27 for this round, and loses the first place for the third place of the event !

We almost reached the halfway point of this event and the 4 drivers Hesto, Speedbosster27, TX3_NEXL and Jonno are still in the top of the leaderboard but jig is not up, players need to keep training for the next step of the Championship in Italy from June 8th to 11th.

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