Season #1

Rallye Monte-Carlo is traditionally known as one of the most exciting rally events but also as the WRC season launch event for many years. Last year, Rallye Monte-Carlo also celebrated the start of the eSports WRC Championship.

For the first qualifying round, eSports WRC began with a stage called La Salle En Beaumont – Corps, composed of ice (35%) and tarmac (65%) and the first challenge for players around the world who had been practising since the 15th of December.

The battle for the eSports world title brought the best WRC 5 drivers together for a tournament running from January to October 2016. The on-site finale was held at the Wales Rally GB event (27th – 30th of October) and was where the first eSport WRC Champion was crowned !

The first eSports WRC season was divided into two halves with five qualifying rounds and a semi-final for each half. The semi-finals were played online during Rally Italia Sardegna (9th – 12th of June) and Rally RACCCatalunya (13th – 16th October), right before the grand finale at Wales Rally GB, where the best 18 drivers were invited to fight for the title.

To get involved in the eSports WRC Championship, players just needed to download one of the eSports Pack (DLC) to get access to the dedicated stages of each rally. From that moment, our drivers had the freedom to practise as much as they wanted, but during the specific rally weekends, had one opportunity each day to record their best time (which ran from Thursday to Sunday noon). On the Sunday afternoon, the ESL crew invited the best drivers for a Sunday tournament which was broadcasted on Twitch. At the end of the Sunday Tournament, the best 3 drivers on each platform gained access to the semi-final and to the grand finale.

After 9 months of intense competition and 12 qualifying rounds (organised during each official WRC rally), the top 18 WRC 5 players challenged one another over a weekend at the 2016 eSports WRC final. The winner of the eSports WRC Championship would drive away with a Hyundai i20 valued at €20,000 !

The players, who came from all four corners of the globe, experienced the atmosphere of a true World Championship rally, competing on a stage set amidst the official manufacturer teams, right in the heart of the Wales Rally GB Service Park at Deeside. Dayinsure Wales Rally GB welcomed the WRC 5 finalists for an epic finale of the first eSports WRC Championship, organised by Bigben Interactive in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, WRC Promoter and ESL.

Two heats played on the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, in which 18 qualifiers from 12 rounds competed over 6 special stages of Wales Rally GB, produced exciting and fiercely competitive action !

Young French driver Sway_Nexl, just 17 years old, lost a place in the final after incurring a 5sec penalty in the last stage. He finished fourth, 0.3sec behind TX3 Yggrasil (France), who joined aTTax Johnson from Germany and GTPL_Kolsa2 (Poland) in an intense showdown for the title.

Relive ESports WRC Finale

Ranking after heat 1 and heat 2

Rank Name Country Heat 1 Heat 2 Total
1 aTTaX Johnson Germany 06:22.029 08:12.550 14:34.579
2 GTPL_KOLSA2 Poland 06:25.236 08:15.743 14:40.979
3 TX3 Yggrasil France 06:26.395 08:15.578 14:41.973
4 Sway_Nexl France 06:24.941 08:17.278 14:42.219
5 Hesto Germany 06:31.923 08:12.716 14:44.639
6 TX3 Tapis France 06:27.621 08:18.472 14:46.093
7 Edu_puixa Latvia 06:32.584 08:21.441 14:54.025
8 Speedbooster27 Germany 06:32.003 08:22.905 14:54.908
9 kryspaPL Poland 06:30.900 08:25.251 14:56.151
10 MAJOR_REACTIONs United Kingdom 06:26.890 08:30.848 14:57.738
11 Dranca Rares Romania 06:34.241 08:32.534 15:06.775
12 Paragleiber Germany 06:38.176 08:32.674 15:10.850
13 LGD Conker Canada 06:48.562 08:36.726 15:25.288
14 Lucktose Germany 07:00.778 08:40.833 15:41.611
15 HighgradeBLAAZER United Kingdom 06:41.028 09:11.522 15:52.550
16 Toneee Australia 06:47.648 09:28.602 16:16.250
17 Greekman Greece 07:04.680 09:25.681 16:30.361
18 RIVAL Slovenia x x x

Final ranking

Rank Name Country Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total Diff 1st
1 aTTaX Johnson Germany 02:10.128 04:35.544 04:27.177 11:12.849
2 GTPL_KOLSA2 Poland 02:11.109 04:40.663 04:24.609 11:16.381 +3.53
3 TX3 Yggrasil France 02:09.983 04:41.393 04:25.669 11:17.045 +4.19

Here’s a bunch of eSports WRC grand finale images

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