Season #2

After a first season that saw Niklas “Johnson” Krellenberg become the 2016 eSports WRC World Champion and win a Hyundai i20, the competition was back in 2017 with a format that was even closer to reality.

In its second season, the eSports WRC championship comprised of 13 rounds that took place in parallel to the official WRC calendar. The 50 best players across PC, PS4 and Xbox in each round were rewarded using a points system.

These points contributed to the worldwide ranking of each competitor and at the end of the season the 10 best results for each player determined their final score. The eight best players at the end of the season qualified for the final event.

Just as in real life, players had to perform at a top level in several stages, under varied conditions (weather and time of day) and manage their stops at the Service Area to repair and prepare their car between Special Stages.

The route for each event was revealed on the official website prior to the rally and each player had five attempts between Thursday and Sunday (on the weekend of the real-life rally) to complete the event. Their very best result was then made their entry into the competition.

After an intense year of racing and an epic battle in the Grand Final, the French driver Lohan “TX3_NEXL” Blanc (18 years old) was crowned the second eSports WRC World Champion, succeeding aTTaX Johnson (Germany).

The eight best players in the world were invited to Hyundai Motorsport HQ in Alzenau (Germany) to compete for the 2017 world title.

After a near perfect season, winning eight out of thirteen rallies, the French driver TX3_NEXL won all but one qualifying rounds at the event to reach the Grand Final. He was followed by the British specialist Jonathan “JONNO.” Holmes (+38.653s) and Henrik “HESTO” Stoldt from Germany (+7.939s).

The excellent season continued for TX3_NEXL in the Grand Final, confirming his status as favourite by winning all three final stages comfortably and leaving JONNO (+16.447) and HESTO (+24.195) in second and third positions.

TX3_NEXL won a Hyundai i20 road car, worth 20,000€, courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company and presented to him by 2018 Hyundai WRC driver Andreas Mikkelsen.

"I was very confident. I’ve been consistent and fast and managed to get myself in the first position. I really wanted to win, and it just happened," said TX3_NEXL.

eSports WRC powered by Hyundai gathered more than 5,000 entrants on Playstation®4, Xbox One and PC over 11 months of intense competition to reach the top 8 and the Final event. The players also got the chance to have an exclusive tour of the Hyundai Motorsport workshop and to discuss their driving skills with Hyundai Motorsport drivers Dani Sordo and Andreas Mikkelsen.

Relive ESports WRC Season #2 Finale

Qualifying Rounds

# Driver Platform Stage 1+2 Stage 3+4 Stage 5+6 Stage 7 Diff 1st
1st TX3_Nexl 09:43.546 07:13.650 08:01.584 05:32.916
2nd Jonno. 10:01.228 07:22.442 08:09.786 05:36.893 +00:38.653
3rd hesto 10:03.192 07:26.440 08:16.591 05:32.065 +00:46.592
4th Subee 09:59.869 07:29.057 08:10.087 05:41.182 +00:48.499
5th MonkeyMan_707 10:06.076 07:31.711 08:14.245 05:35.422 +00:55.758
6th Speedbooster27 10:17.865 07:31.602 08:33.821 05:36.369 +01:27.961
7th Komatsu[uPro] 10:38.026 07:59.285 08:36.954 06:03.395 +02:45.964
8th Greekman 15:33.886 07:59.021 09:05.397 06:03.992 +08:10.600

Grand Final

# Driver Platform Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Diff prev Diff 1st
1st TX3_Nexl 02:03.373 01:19.854 04:34.192
2nd Jonno. 02:06.825 01:22.845 04:44.196 +00:16.447 +00:16.447
3rd hesto 02:06.616 01:23.669 04:51.329 +00:07.748 +00:24.195

eSports WRC Season #2 Grand Finals pictures

Season #2 photo album

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